Jason Butterfield - author

So, it has arrived. 🙂

My first novel, finally published. ‘Bastion: Holy City’, a book that has taken nine years from inception to completion. A book that I sincerely hope everyone enjoys.

For me, this is the beginning. Holy City is the first in a series titled ‘Chronicles of a Star-Born King’, the second of which has already begun.

It has been a journey of discovery, persistence and most of all, emotion.

And time management. I cannot stress to you enough how important your time is, and most importantly, how to use it wisely.

Anyhow, exciting times are ahead now that ‘Bastion: Holy City’ is available for the world to read.

Bastion: Holy City

Copies will be available from bookshops in Tasmania first, with Melbourne next in line.

Ebook copies will be available as of March 11, 2019, and most bookstores, if you ask, should be able to order you a copy from the same date onwards.

So, enjoy, spread the word (if you like the book), and don’t forget to visit the ‘Oakwood & Stout’ and read the short stories within.

J.M.M. Butterfield