J.M.M. Butterfield

Fantasy Author


‘I’ve chosen this spot by the pond so I can speak to you privately. Never fear, lass, your uncle asked me to help, nothing more. What I say is for your ears only, though. If word escaped concerning my trade, well, the ramifications may be extreme.

‘Now, as pretty as you are with your blonde locks and sun-kissed skin, I must admit I’ve never worked with a child of ten before. So please refrain from speaking until I’ve explained all that I shall perform, and if you have any questions, you may ask once I’ve finished.

‘Firstly, my name is Clyde, and I’ve spent considerable time in the north learning particular skills. Some of those skills I shall utilize in the coming days, only I’ll need your full cooperation to achieve the results we both seek.

‘Your uncle, in all his wisdom, has requested my services, for he fears you have a haunted soul. Do not be alarmed, your secret is safe. I am merely here to help. Your night terrors, the ones that wake you in the cold hours, lathered in sweat, is what I am truly here for. Your uncle says you have a recurring dream, one where you see your parents consumed by a raging plague, reaching for you even as their flesh melts to reveal blackened bones. He says he always comes running when he hears your screams, only to find you crouched in the corner, fingers bloodied as they gouge lines in the wall.

‘Listen, you are not to blame for your parent’s death, the disease was not of your making. It was fate, nothing more, and I believe you have suffered enough. So, I have brought a special box, an exquisite piece of metalwork. It has arcane properties that will ease your burden, but only if you choose to accept my offer. All I need is your unwavering trust. In return, I shall pierce the veil of mist between this world and the next, track those inner-demons that haunt you, and seal them in this vessel.

‘I’ll do this because I’m a Dream Collector.

‘I’m here to collect your most frightening dreams.